Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello from DonnaO Designs,

I'm really new to blogging so I'll be learning as I go. So here goes...

I have a shop on Etsy,, where I sell my handmade jewelry and accessories. I'd like to use this space to kick around ideas and possibly find inspiration for new ideas along the way.

I set up shop there a couple of years back, and had an unexpectedly great year last year. I was expecting a pretty grim holiday season, but it was everything but that. I love filling orders and am grateful for any and all, large and small.

I'm currently branching out and moving away from strictly beading and doing more metalsmithing. I really enjoy pounding metal and using my hand saw. I love different shaped pendants as a backdrop for hand stamping names, inspirational words or phrases. I'm working on a paisley-shaped one at the moment. I love the organic feel of the swirly nature of paisley. Now to try to find the perfect word to stamp on it, hmmm. I'm always drawn to sanskrit words like satya, ahimsa, tapas. They're short, discreet and loaded with meaning.

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